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  Tangyin yongxin chemical limited liability company, located in the intersection of Tangyin County, Xinglong road, industrial park road and loyalty, it occupies an area of 38000m2. Company existing staff 260 people, including college degree or above accounted for 40%, 28% per cent of the total number of staff of engineering, science and technology staff. Assets worth 150 million Yuan. Company has more advanced modern standard workshop, research centers and ton automation of production facilities, test equipment, and engineering application technology platform. China rubber chemical backbone enterprise of anti-scorching agent CTP, Henan province, rubber Engineering Technology Research Center, Henan provincial Enterprise Technology Center, export and innovation base in Henan province. Leading products, green rubber anti-scorching agent CTP is the company independent research and development of scientific and technological achievements. Product quality hasreached the international advanced level of similar products, total annual sales of tens of thousands of tons. 80% products exported abroad, more than one-third per cent of total global sales markets total international trade.

  Company strict management science and operations specifications, has passed the ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environment management system, OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification. Business Department of Henan province, provincial development and Reform Commission and other departments jointly awarded the "Henan international famous brand" title. With good of quality business and service, won has Shanghai tire rubber group, and better pass, and Hangzhou in the policy, and FENGSHEN, and double happiness, and double money, and are new, and triangle and Michelin, and Bridgestone, and solid specific, and times endurance, and Germany city, and Japan live friends, and CONTINENTAL, and S.K, both at home and abroad well-known brand tire enterprise of praised and favored, and and of established has long-term stable of cooperation relationship. Is also working with Japan group Toray Industries long-term economic and trade cooperation Corporation signed an OEM agreement has laid a solid foundation to further explore the international market.

  Companies adhere to the road of security development, environmental management and sustainable development. Invested more than 30 million yuan of funds for the construction of environmental protection facilities, independent research and development of "high efficiency + complex biochemical" treatment technology, break through the bottleneck of high salts wastewater industry, has become a similar industry environmental governance model.

  "Loyalty, dedication, innovation"-----ever couple of self practice, promotion of theentrepreneurial spirit. We believe that through our joint efforts, a developed economy, the increasing level of the modern novel and will be on the rise of China took the lead, advanced ranks in the world!



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