Specializing In The Development And Manufacture Of Rubber Additives

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Tangyin Yongxin Chemical Co., Ltd. is located at the intersection of Jingzhong Road and Xinglong Road in Tangyin County Industrial Park, covering an area of 38,000m2. The company has 260 employees, of which 40% are college graduates or above, and 28% are engineering and technical personnel and scientific and technological personnel. The total asset value is 150 million yuan. The company has modern and relatively advanced standardized workshops, scientific research centers, 10,000-ton automatic production facilities, testing equipment and engineering application technology platforms. It is the backbone enterprise of rubber additives in China, the support unit of the CTP engineering technology research and development center of rubber anti-scorch agent in Henan Province, the enterprise technology center of Henan Province, and the innovation base of foreign trade export in Henan Province. The leading product, green and environmentally friendly rubber anti-scorch agent CTP, is a scientific and technological achievement independently developed by the company. The product quality has reached the international advanced level of similar products, and the annual sales volume is tens of thousands of tons. 80% of the products are exported abroad, and the total international trade accounts for more than one third of the total global sales market.