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Basic knowledge of rubber processing and scorch retarders


During storage and processing, the rubber compound will undergo early vulcanization (cross-linking) and lose its fluidity and reprocessing ability due to the action of heat, which is the phenomenon of scorch. Scorching of rubber compounds is one of the common problems in rubber processing. Especially in the high-temperature, fast, and efficient processing technology of modern characteristics and the use of compounding agents that are easy to cause scorch (such as reinforcing resin, m-methyl white system binder, fine particle carbon black, etc.), the scorch problem is more likely to occur. . Scorch can be solved by adjusting the vulcanization system, but be careful to cause changes in compound properties; compound storage or processing conditions can be improved by cooling, but complex equipment is required. It is now widely believed that the use of scorch inhibitors is the most simple and easy way to prevent scorch. Therefore, scorch retarder has become an important operational aid for rubber processing safety.