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The new rubber-modified asphalt waterproofing membrane quickly occupies the market and leads the new trend of environmental protection


In recent years, domestic products such as architectural coatings, wood coatings, coil coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, special coatings and other products have made key breakthroughs in technology and craftsmanship. The direction of development has driven the Chinese paint industry, which is struggling to move forward in the financial crisis, but it is undoubtedly a huge impact on the traditional paint production process. Throughout my country's paint industry, there are about 7,000, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises. , Although the proportion of output of large and medium-sized enterprises has increased, but small and medium-sized enterprises have brought many negative impacts on the rapid and steady development of the coatings industry. Outdated production technologies and coating products that should be eliminated but are still in production are all negative to the coatings industry. hindered the healthy development of With the rapid development of science and technology today, the quality of coatings in all walks of life is getting higher and higher, environmental protection and energy saving, VOC content, etc. are new requirements for the coating industry, especially Zhisheng Weihua environmental protection and energy-saving coatings are widely used in China, saving energy Environmental protection is remarkable, especially to the national recognition and recommendation. As a mere part of the nation's development, the coatings industry has fulfilled its determination to save energy and reduce emissions, fight the tough battle of energy saving and emission reduction, and make unremitting efforts and due contributions to reducing environmental pollution. The healthy development of the coatings market requires not only the replacement and development of new production lines and products, but also environmental protection and energy conservation as the center.

At home and abroad, attention is paid to the production and application of thermal insulation materials in buildings, and strive to greatly reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing environmental pollution and greenhouse effect. Therefore, the global building insulation material market is developing rapidly. Although affected by the financial crisis, the global insulation material market will shrink in the short term, but in the long run it still exudes a strong sense of warmth. Developed countries have attached great importance to building energy conservation and taken some effective measures, which have achieved great results, resulting in a substantial drop in building energy consumption in these countries. For example, the heating area in Denmark in 1985 increased by 30% compared with 1972, but the heating energy consumption decreased by 3.18 million tons of standard coal. The proportion of heating energy consumption in the country's total energy consumption has also dropped from 39% to 28%. This shows that Zhishengweihua ZS series of high temperature thermal insulation coatings have achieved significant social and economic benefits. Therefore, the development and application of building thermal insulation materials have been paid more and more attention by countries all over the world, and green thermal insulation materials have been actively developed. From raw material preparation, product production and use, and future processing issues, it is required to maximize resource conservation and reduce environmental impact. harm. New insulation materials are constantly emerging.

The so-called green building materials refer to the building materials products that can reduce the consumption of natural resources and reduce the impact on the ecological environment in the whole life cycle of the products, are safer in nature, more convenient to use, and have the characteristics of "energy saving, emission reduction, safety, convenience and recyclability". . The development of green building materials is not a generalization, but is divided into the greening of building materials industry production and the greening of building materials product performance. The development of new green building materials and the development of ecological recycling green building materials is the hope of the building materials industry, and its development space is unlimited. When all traditional building materials are replaced by new, environmentally friendly and ecologically cyclic green building materials, the entire industry will undergo a reborn change.

The future competition for new building materials is to a large extent the competition of product technology innovation, and technological innovation will also be one of the key factors for the transformation and upgrading of traditional building materials. The application of new technology products can not only meet the architectural appearance but also meet the requirements of green buildings, completely breaking the old faces of ordinary concrete walls, brick walls and ceramic tiles for thousands of years. It is undoubtedly a revolution in the construction industry. my country's environmental protection and green building materials industry is in a critical period of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and at the same time, it has also entered an important turning point opportunity period to move from a building material country to a building material power country and achieve beyond and lead the development of the world building materials industry. Decoration materials are closely related to people's lives, so they are more concerned by the society. The reason for the difficulties facing this industry is that its product structure has not been adjusted to the speed of changing user needs.

With the adjustment of real estate investment, it will inevitably affect the market of such materials. The sign of high-end decoration materials is firstly the greenness of product performance, the product requirements are environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body; the second is the greening of product production, which requires product production to be pollution-free and recyclable. A large number of Chinese residents have purchased real estate mainly in the 1990s, and both high- and low-income families have reached the period of redecoration. To grasp this part of the demand, it is undoubtedly necessary to start with the development of green building materials, increase publicity efforts, promote the formation of new green consumption concepts, and release new demand for high-end and healthy refurbishment with new green building materials, so as to win this market. To develop customized products with different functions to meet the growing personalized needs, decoration materials will have a great development.

In order to practice the industry and development concept of "green building future", the building materials industry strives to adopt green and environmentally friendly production methods in all aspects of raw materials, production, construction, transportation and marketing, and conduct continuous innovation in production technology in all aspects. Energy saving and emission reduction has become a well-deserved leader in the field of green, low carbon and energy saving in the building materials industry. At present, my country's green building materials industry as a whole is still in a stage of rapid development. The scope of application has increased, the proportion has become higher, and the industrial foundation is being strengthened. In order to accelerate the development of green building materials in China, it is first necessary to clarify the standard system of green building materials and the corresponding certification methods. Second, accelerate the upgrading and transformation of the industry. At present, my country's traditional building materials such as steel and glass have excess production capacity, backward production technology, and excessive capital investment, which is not conducive to the research and development and promotion of green building materials. Increase the support for green building materials enterprises. Since my country's green building materials are in a stage of rapid development, more research and development funds need to be invested, and the state should give certain policy and financial support. Green building materials have become an inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry and the implementation of the national strategy of environmental protection and energy saving, with huge development space.